Giving you confidence and peace of mind as you buy your dream home

When you are buying property in Monte León, it is reassuring to know that you are dealing through Cárdenas Real Estate, an estate agency with over 35 years of experience and an outstanding reputation in Gran Canaria. Our comprehensive range of services goes well beyond the buying process and is designed to make your life easier and give you complete peace of mind as you look for your dream home in Gran Canaria.

Mediation and advice on property purchase

We provide you with all the advice you need about the different aspects of choosing and buying your property. Besides, we also act as an intermediary between you and the seller, to make the negotiation and purchase process as easygoing as possible.

Unlike most other estate agents, it is our policy to conduct the relevant Land Registry checks, to make sure that there are no major legal impediments to the sale, before we add a property to our books (and not just once we have found a buyer). In this way, we avoid our customers any potential disappointment at a later stage.

Handling and seeing through the purchase process

We take care of every aspect of the purchase process right from the beginning through to the final land registry entry in your name, including making sure that there are no pending fines or outstanding debts on the property. We also verify that all bills for water, electricity, etc are paid up before the sale takes place.

Application for Tax Number (NIE)

If you are not resident in Spain, you have to apply with the local authorities for a Tax Number (called NIE) before you can purchase property in the country. We can save you the trouble by handling this on your behalf.

Mortgage loans with Spanish banks

Do you need financing? We can help you obtain the best deal on your Spanish mortgage through our contacts with leading local banks.

Transfer of telephone, electricity and water supplies to your name

Once you have purchased property in Monte León, we can take care of contacting the utilities companies to transfer the contracts for the various household services into your name.

Tax representation for non-residents

If you own property in Spain but are not resident in the country, you are required by law to appoint a local Tax Representative. Our services in this regard include filling out your Spanish tax return form (obligatory even if you do not earn money from your property) and receiving and dealing with official correspondence related to your Spanish assets.

Property Rental

If you intend to rent out your new property, just leave it to us. Not only do we take care of everything, but you will also benefit from our extensive client base and marketing campaigns (including strong Internet exposure), to maximise the success of your venture.

Property administration

We can take care of any paperwork, or other administrative aspects that go with owning your property, leaving you with more time to enjoy it to the full.

Assistance and advice on wills and handling of inheritance matters

If you own a property in Spain, it is highly advisable that you make a will that is legally binding both in Spain and in your own country. We can advise you and help you with this, and also handle any inheritance matters that may arise in the future.

Certified translations from Spanish into English, French and German and vice versa

Accuracy is vital when translating documents of a legal nature. Our certified translators will provide you with officially recognised versions in your own language.

As experts in the Gran Canaria property market and in the exclusive residential area of Monte León, we, at Cárdenas Real Estate, can make finding and buying your ideal property straightforward and secure. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.